Web design requires great skills in the fields of design and programming. However, a good designer is one who has the skills and talent to develop a website from scratch and create a fully functional web masterpiece. The knowledge and skills can either be acquired through training or experience. However, experience in web design does not guarantee great service but rather, success of the process depends on the passion and dedication of the person designing the website. So at what point is a person said to be an expert designer and what skills do you look for while looking for a good designer.
Knowledge of how a Website Works.
The first reason why you are a web designer is your engagement with the web. Without the knowledge of the web, then there is no point of becoming a designer in the first place. A good wen designer should be in a position to understand the emerging trends in the industry, the expected changes in web design, current and future trends as well as the latest web development tools. Mastering the emerging trends in the world of design helps a designer apply the industry’s best practice in the process.
Knowledge of HTML.
HTML is a web framework that generally works for almost all web pages. This means that a designer should have basic HTML skills thereby enabling the designer to create web pages that allow for more interactivity and usability. Knowledge of what HTML code make which design is important. HTML knowledge helps in;
Empowering you to create unique design thus improving your productivity as a web designer.
Giving you the ability to handcraft demo websites for comparison and testing before moving on into fully customized sites.
Enhancing your ability in web design and helping you navigate the complex challenges that arise from the process.
Giving you an edge over other web designers whose knowledge on HTML coding is limited.
Extensive Knowledge of Web Designing.
Web designing does not simply involve the front-end of the website but rather, a designer should be creative and have some skills in graphic design. There are various design skills that can equip you with additional skills in various fields that are related to web design and development such as graphic design and programming. The core elements that you as a designer should have better understanding in include;
Spacing: Spacing is the distance between two elements in a website. A good website should have the perfect spacing whereby the distance between two elements is even.
Balance and proportion: Balance in a website refers to the systematic visual representation of the website. In addition to well-spaced elements, the site design to highlight the important elements on the website. More importantly, the flow of information on the site should be such that the reader can easily understand the contents of the website.
Becoming an expert web designer requires both knowledge and experience. More importantly, constant re-evaluation of individual skills is what makes you better as a web designer meaning that you should constantly seek to acquire more knowledge in related fields